Top 5 Tips for Trade Show Giveaways

If you have been to a trade show, a public display, or some other large event with many exhibitors, you may have received some commercial gifts. Also called “swag,” or sometimes “free” and “tchotchkes,” these promotional products are offered to potential customers. They are usually small, inexpensive, and branding, they can increase marketing effort in many ways.

Top 5 Tips for Trade Show Giveaways

What distinguishes a successful unsuccessful trade show? These tips will help you choose the most effective swag for your event – and the traps will tell you what to look out for.

Top Trade Show Giveaway Tips

1. Select attention to increasing booth traffic. If you offer unique swag and fun trade shows, the name will spread, and the number of visitors to your booth will grow. This is called “booth buzz” by trade show professionals.

2. Capital on the “effect of reciprocity.” Psychologists have found that when you give a gift to someone, it stimulates their desire to do something for you. Join them during the swag presentation, and they’ll be better able to stick and listen.

3. Choose a swag that appeals to all senses. They will see your signs and hear your voice, and the presentation of the trade show gives them something to touch. The more you involve them, the more likely they are to remember you later.

4. Think about what your target audience might want. Studies show that people keep promotional products when they find things useful. When you think about it, you can make educated assumptions about the types of things that can work for your people. College students may want to highlight or open bottles. Traveling crews can enjoy earplugs on those long and noisy planes. Put yourself in their shoes.

5. Remind them to touch later. Gift-giving time is one of the most important aspects of giving, but one is the days and weeks after the event. Choose the right swag and they will keep it – and make sure your contact details are there, so they can access it when they are ready to do business.

Possible Trade Swag Pitfalls

The biggest risk with swag is that your item will lose its mark, and your branding budget will generate minimal refunds. A useless, unattractive thing will go straight into the trash. A low-key item may break quickly, and then your logo will appear. You don’t want people to associate your company with other junk that doesn’t work or shouldn’t be clinging to it.

It can be tempting to choose something cheaper that you can afford, just to have something to offer at a trade fair. Keep in mind that this approach can do more harm than good. If your budget is limited, consider buying a small number of goodies, and give only swag to guests who talk to you instead of “swag scavengers.” With the help of finding the perfect showcase for your event, Gorilla Marketing promotional product benefits can make suggestions based on your needs.