Run a Blog Giveaway to Promote Your Blog

Run a Blog Giveaway to Promote Your Blog

The Internet is a place full of people. Competition is cut by the throat and it is really difficult to build a position for your blog in the marketplace. One thing that has continued to attract customer attention from traditional times and works equally to this day is the free offering. Advertising competitions and prizes can help your blog and business in many ways. In addition to attracting new readers, it can also help you create buzz about any new product or service your company will offer. Gifts also help to encourage feedback and communication on your blog. The following are just a few steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

1. Decide the Item to Give away

The first step in planning your blog offer is to decide what you will contribute to your blog. If you have a product-based company, it’s not straightforward. Just choose one of your products that you can offer or you can also provide a gift certificate that allows for purchase at your online store. If your company does not sell its products, you can use gift certificates that can be used in popular stores, such as, pantaloons,, etc. Alternatively, you can organize sponsors and use their products as a blog to give back to free marketing of their product.

2. Decide how students will participate in the Giveaway Blog

You can decide what you want your students to do. You can encourage collaboration by asking students to leave a comment about something. You can also use this opportunity to market your company by asking readers to take action, such as tweeting about your competition or liking it on Facebook or other social networking sites. All of these methods are simple and will encourage student participation.

3. Write a post informing Readers of the Competition

Write a post on your blog asking readers to take part in the competition and explain ways to do so. Don’t forget to talk about gifts.

4. Promote the Contest

Effective promotion of presentation is needed to reach the intended audience. Tweet about it, share the link on Facebook and other social networking sites, and the network and other bloggers can do wonders to successfully promote your donation competition.

Lastly, determine how long you wish to run the race. In case the entry price is unsatisfactory, you may choose to extend the contest for a few more days.