Instagram Giveaway Rules And Guidelines For a Successful Sweepstakes

While offering free products or services may seem like a controversial way to earn money, Instagram offers are a great way to grow next and get exposure. Ultimately, giving and similar promotions should lead to product sales that help make money!

That being said, if you view Instagram as a marketing strategy, there are a few rules you should follow and guidelines you can use to improve your results.

Instagram Giveaway Rules

Instagram Promotional Guidelines provide a clear, easy-to-understand framework of legal requirements for anyone with a gift.

Instagram Giveaway Rules And Guidelines For a Successful Sweepstakes

Specifically, the Instagram Giveaway rules are as follows:

  • Legal rules for sweepstakes must be legal
  • You must provide criteria and requirements for eligibility, such as age limits and residency
  • The prizes must comply with government regulations
  • You cannot ask people to tag anything or anyone in an image where the title is not visible
  • Sweepstakes should not appear sponsored or supported by Instagram in any way
  • All giveaways are done at your own risk

In other words, whenever you hold an Instagram offer, you should do so in a legal way – and Instagram will not help you decide if that is true for you.

Therefore, based on these guidelines, any person having an impact on the delivery must do so under the legal protection of the communications attorney. An attorney can help ensure that the language on offer is appropriate and follow the Instagram rules to protect you from problems.

Instagram Delivery Guidelines and Strategies

Choose a product

Once you understand the Instagram marketing rules, you can start planning your offer!

First, decide what you would like to use as your sweepstakes prize. Maybe the best-selling brand of your product will be ready; or, maybe you can collaborate with a product you like and offer their item. Sometimes, a simple shouting video can do the trick!

All in all, whatever product, service, or experience you decide to use, make sure it is what your fans want.

Also, be sure to provide your fans with an accurate description of who sponsors the offer. Whether you donate swag and re-apply your product or send your favorite hair care product, everyone who gets into your sweepstakes should know who is sponsoring.

Get Login Requirements

The actions that applicants must take to qualify for eligibility will depend on your primary goal of running the campaign. For example, if you want to increase followers, you can ask Instagram users to just follow your page and “like” the photo.

Alternatively, when you promote a product, you can ask your fans to post a picture of themselves using another product from the same product and mark you along with the post.

If you want inspiration for your sweepstakes, check out what other products they do! There are many successful examples of Instagram delivery, and you can’t go wrong when you repeat many of them.

Promote Your Sweepstakes

Where did your fans and followers find your content? If you’re a popular blogger, for example, remember to promote your Instagram offer for a few blog posts! This is also a great way to gain social media followers.

Choose the winner

Of course, your giving will have to be right. Fortunately, there are many online resources you can use to randomly select the winner in the hundreds or thousands of entries you have found.

For example, you can assign each participant a number, perhaps using the way they entered, and then use a free random number generator to select one! Or, if you would like to skip one step, you can always use a free random word key instead.

On the other hand, if you choose to run your promotional business in a sweepstakes app of a certain type, many of them come with random win-win options.

All in all, whether you’re trying to improve product recognition and increase your number of followers, or partnering with another type of product to earn more revenue, it’s very important that you follow the Instagram offer rules.

Fortunately, a communications attorney can help you protect yourself from the mistakes of finishing work, and provide ongoing support and strategies for effective sweepstakes.