Ice Cream Surveys

Every summer, every thirty-one day of July is best served on ice cream due to the great National Ice Cream Month. We would like to thank the former president who loves dessert, Ronald Reagan, for choosing this wonderful holiday to honor all the delicious, frozen cakes. Market research on the topic of frozen desserts has shown that more than 90% of Americans go to ice cream with an average person consuming about 15 liters a year!

Ice Cream Surveys

Vanilla and chocolate have always been popular flavors in the United States, but we new fans want to enjoy an unusual flavor with many mix-ins. Japan loves a good ice cream (matcha) while in southern China, it will be an icing made of mung beans. If you have an idea of ​​what kind of taste might be here, then participating in online research panels becomes an event that benefits both you and the producers of the products.

You can contribute to the creation of new flavors and frozen products by participating in market research activities such as online research, focus groups and product sampling. From sharing your ideas every time you do online surveys to taste different flavors in a group setting or at home, you can help set store shelves in the best ways you have ever done.

Most ice cream manufacturers and dairies have consumer panels focused on this type of product development and process improvement. For example, Ben & Jerry have a ChunkSpelunker club that allows members to become reputable taste engineers and Blue Bunny has an iScream Team that gives a member the opportunity to take online surveys on topics related to cold and ice cream. In addition to doing online producers’ surveys, you can share ideas with “dine-in” ice-cream shops such as Basin-Robbins, Dairy-Queen, or Cold Stone Creamery with guest satisfaction research and help them improve their taste for everyone’s delicious food.

The rewards for sharing your ideas on ice management vary greatly depending on the company and the type of research being done. Participating in “club” type programs often rewards members with coupons, discounts, and free products for a period of time. When you complete an online visitor satisfaction survey and other ice cream marketing research, the reward is usually free of charge on the paid stage or sales price. Every once in a while, you will see an ice cream contest asking for the inclusion of a new recipe, product name, or taste – often these social events have some of the most impressive rewards such as visiting the company headquarters and cash prizes.