Facebook Contests

A lot of people got connected with Facebook today and it is also from many countries. Therefore today we are going to talk about one thing related to it. Today we will discuss in post is Facebook contests from this many people were earn lots of gifts and prizes and many more.

Facebook Contests
Facebook Contests

Many sweepers also like the Facebook contest. After all, why not win some awards while connecting with your family and friends? If you have not tried to win on Facebook yet, this easy tutorial will help you get started.

Facebook helps businesses connect with their customers, share news and discuss their products. To help attract people to their Facebook pages, more and more companies are offering big rewards in Facebook giveaways and contests.

In this post you may know every things about these online facebook contests that how to play or win it.

What is Facebook Contests?

Facebook Contests

Facebook contest is a popular way for companies to have sweepstakes. The Facebook Contest has some great advantages for sweepstakes sponsors, including encouraging the company’s Facebook page to “like” it and an easy way to create a strong sweepstakes page.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Facebook contests are not as attractive as regular online sweepstakes. Previous Facebook sweepstakes have offered prizes such as $ 60,000 cash, $ 50,000 vacation, cars and more. This list of Facebook contests will help you find the swings you want to enter quickly and easily.

How to enter in Face book Contests and Giveaways

To enter any kind of facebook contests and Giveaways you need following things. Let see

1. Open a Facebook account (if you haven’t already)

To enter Facebook giveaways, you must have a Facebook account. If you don’t already have one, opening an account on Facebook is free and easy. To get started, go to Facebook and follow their instructions.

2. Search to enter Facebook Giveaways

Once your Facebook account is set up, it’s time to search to enter Facebook. You can do this systematically by following the pages of companies you like and who keep giving ways on a regular basis. Some companies also have separate pages to promote the company’s live way.

If you want to improve your efforts to enter more giveaways quickly, use the Facebook Sweepstakes List, which selects the largest and most exciting giveaways that require a Facebook account to enter.

You can follow the Facebook page that lists giveaways, such as contests and. This will ensure that a good mix of giveaways pops up in your news feed regularly.

3. Find Rules

Like any other facebook contests and Giveaways, you should always read the rules of sweepstakes to win on Facebook.

4. Enter your personal information in the entry form.

Most Facebook giveaways use a standard sweepstakes entry form. Facebook promotional guidelines prevent companies from taking contact information directly from your Facebook profile, so you have to type your information in the form.

Be sure to follow the same guidelines for sharing personal information as you would with any other contests and Giveaways.

5. “Like” the company’s page on Facebook

If you prefer a facebook contests and Giveaways, go ahead and also like the sponsor’s page. When you like a page, you can see company updates on your wall, making it easy to find additional giveaways from the same company.

Although Facebook rules prohibit companies from “liking” their pages to view your entry form, it is a good idea to do so. The “Like” button tops the company’s Facebook page.

6. Share contests and Giveaways on Your Facebook Wall

Many companies ask if you want to share the word about their giveaways on their Facebook wall. You can choose to post sweepstakes, skip this step, or you can use a Facebook list to share Facebook only with friends you know will be interested in them.

7. You have entered a Facebook contest

Congratulations, you have just entered your first Facebook giveaway. Now all you have to do is wait to know whether you are the winner or not.

Many companies will notify their winners via direct message to Facebook, by email and / or posting the winner’s name on their Facebook page, so be cautious. And while you’re waiting, be sure to enter a lot of other giveaways to increase your chance of winning.

Facebook Contests

We hope you many know every thing about Facebook contests, How to play or enter in it. If this post likes you then share with your friends.