Different Types of Online Surveys

Different Types of Online Surveys

There are several ways to make money with online surveys. Just make sure you understand what goes into different types of tests.

Focus on Groups

First and foremost beneficial for focus groups. This will require a high-speed connection because you are basically connecting to a conference call. You will need to be able to connect in a timely manner and provide ideas and insights.

This may take some time to resolve but once you have shown trust, they will look for you. And they are the ones who pay the fastest.

Online Money Surveys

These are the real polls you complete in your own time. Payment is credited to your account upon completion but depending on the company it may take 15-45 days to receive payment.

Most of the online surveys and focus groups are targeted at specific groups of people so many of the sites you have subscribed to get the type of survey you will be offered. Just keep in mind that you need to fill out profile questions so that country surveyors know what kind of polls they will send you.

Product Testing

The following group may be called a product sample in addition to research. For this, you sign up to test a particular service or product and get paid a certain amount.

Both of these are usually for continuous services or products so you need to be careful that you cancel the service/product exactly as each site requires or you may find yourself spending more than you earn.

Usually, this will require you to pay a shipping or handling fee or somehow give them your credit card number. You can make money with this type of survey but you need to be careful when each one wants to be canceled and how.

It is also a good idea to buy a pre-loaded credit card so if any problems arise your potential loss will be reduced. Never give them access to your regular credit cards, bank cards, or your checking account.

Survey for Prizes or Points

Not so popular are sites that only pay for points that can be adjusted or included in sweepstakes. This is a good way to practice or to spend time with it but it rarely makes you money.

Online surveys are a great way to make more money. Just do not give anyone access to your financial accounts, or personal information. Some product trial research can actually find good things for you without writing them down.