Common Sweepstakes Categories

Once you have registered with the sweepstakes site, you will find that the sweepstakes are organized into common categories. This type of separation is intended to make the selection process much easier and also makes it easier for people to easily get into the sweepstakes they feel are most interested in them.

Common Sweepstakes Categories

With categories, you don’t even need to learn much about them because you will know that they are about how they are divided. Below are some of the most common categories of sweepstakes you will find when you enter online competitions.

Single Entry:

Just as the name suggests, this category only takes one entry. This means that everyone who participates in the competition has an equal chance of winning considering that everyone only enters once.

Daily Entry:

Competitions that allow you to enter once a day. Daily entries will increase your chances of winning even though it is still very likely that individuals will win within a few numbers of other entries or were present for the first time. It is important to make sure you read the sweepstake rules because this is something that can vary from one site to another.

Quick win:

This category is of interest to a large number of people because there is no time to wait to know if you have won. All you have to do in this section is fill out the form and you will know immediately that you are the winner and the prize winner. In most cases, you are only allowed to play once each day.


This section allows you to participate in only one Giveaway per month. The winner of this case is selected monthly and if you miss out on the prize this month, you will have the opportunity to try again next month.


This is a category that includes sweepstakes owned by individuals. Each blog comes with different game rules but you will have to sign in to the blog before you can take part in open competitions. This category is less popular because it has prizes that are less expensive compared to other categories but there are still people who still find them very interesting.

Whatever category you choose to participate in, it is always important to learn the terms and conditions of the competition so that you do not get discouraged.